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Go Love Now

Inspiring our youth to be kind and compassionate.

Our Mission
Scott Goyette

Our Mission

"Go Love Now empowers youth to love themselves and one another as they learn about respect, personal responsibility and the realization that only they define who they are as individuals and love will lead the way to their success and true happiness."

- Scott Goyette, Founder

How We're Promoting Positivity


Sharing the message at a school or event near you.

Story Sharing Network

Read and publish stories of inspiration and acts of kindness.

Social Media Presence

Reaching out to the web providing tips, news, and building connections.

Spreading the Love

We're passionate about causing ripples to make the world a more thoughtful place!

The Movement

Go Love Now is a movement of empathy and compassion that encourages our youth to love one another and to celebrate our differences. Through our delivery of live presentations, videos, workshops and a social network devoted to sharing acts of love and kindness, our youth will be provided with a safe haven to grow into compassionate adults. As we open our hearts and our minds we can and will change the world for the better, one kind act at a time.

Reach out to Us!

Interested in learning more about the movement? Contact us about speaking at your school, organization, or event, sponsoring a school/group or simply to get more information about GoLovenow.